Words of Wisdom

I’d reconnected with a colleague from years back.  We were sitting in a booth having lunch and trying to catch-up on both our lives.  She has grown her business and is a very successful woman.  She always was an upbeat, positive thinker.  She has found a great husband who supports her business sense and together they are enjoying a good life together.

She knew Leroy had died, but couldn’t remember how long ago it was, BUT, when we were talking about him, she said “I read his blog every day.”

I was surprised to hear it.  She had no cancer in her family, she didn’t know him well, but she explained to me that his daily words weren’t just for cancer patients.  She said his strength, his understanding of life and death were words to live by.  He’d taught her to live life differently.

I’ve heard this so many times, I don’t know why I’m always surprised to hear it again.

It’s time to revisit that treasure trove of guidance…..Thanks, Leroy

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