The sound of HOPE

The chairs were filled.  Every one of the chairs at the cancer center CT, MRI, imaging center were filled.

A busy day in a small corner of cancer world.  And there she sat, a bright eyed, perky woman waiting her turn.  She had eyes the color of deep fathom blue and they sparkled like the sun had kissed them.  She had a smile to match; bright and oozing hope.

HOPE  If ever there was a cancer patient, and she has advanced cancer, who will not bow to her disease, it’s this woman.

She and her husband had driven more than five hours to get this scan today.  She has just started a genetically matched trial and she is so hopeful.  She has a friend who’s been on this drug for ten years, so she just knows it will work for her too.

It has to work.  She’s made plans with her family months down the road.  Her road isn’t a gravel road, it is paved for miles of life still to be lived and enjoyed.

She was so positive this would be a good scan day, she brought a bottle of champagne along to celebrate the results.

That sound you hear: the glasses clinking.  That is the sound of HOPE.


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