Enter, the MDC

Patients and their loved ones, gathering at a multidisciplinary clinic to find out a course of treatment to attack their cancer.

They’ve been scanned, biopsied, blood has been drawn, and now it’s time to add the medical brain power.  Medical oncologists, Radiation oncologists, Surgeons, Pathologists: you name it, they hug a conference room table and discuss.  Each patient in this clinic session gets their individual case looked over with a fine-tooth comb.  Images of each PET scan is projected on a screen for all the experts to decipher.  Each cancer expert weighs in on what protocol  would be appropriate for this patient.  Ideas that stem from the latest techniques in cancer care are put on the table and before they go on to the next patient, a course of action is in place.

Personalized medicine has come of age.

Reviewing these cases sometimes brings a change in what the patient thought would be their course of treatment.  That reflects on the cutting edge knowledge of the doctors and the ideas from years of experience in treating this cancer.

The scans sometime reveal bad news.  The cancer has spread and palliative courses of radiation or chemo are the only option.

MDC stands for multidisciplinary clinic.

The other “MDC,” the MIRACLE DISCIPLINARY CLINIC  is still a work in progress.

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