A dying friendship…

There’s no understanding the alone part of facing death, or even a terminal illness.

Some people choose to be isolated and I get that, but Alice didn’t choose that and the gentle man I met this week, didn’t choose his isolation either.  Some times life just puts us in a place we can’t find a way out of; Thank goodness for Al and the angels among us who watch over those alone in this world.

Alice may never make it to Hospice.  She’s at peace now because she knows she will be comforted and she feels the caring words of a man who may not be family, but he certainly is a friend. She will feel his presence for the rest of her days.

Death might be ready to enter her room; none of us can do anything about that; but Alice has lived long enough to have made a life long friend.  Something that took her entire life to accomplish.

What a wonderful gift.


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