There’s that word again….

The conversation reflected a new acquaintance.  Shared information about kids, the weather, where we lived and what we did for a living.

It’s always nice to meet new people and fill in some of the blanks about their lives.

We were enjoying a meal with friends we had in common and the evening was really nice, until the question was asked, “What does your husband do?”

The screech from the brakes hitting the conversation was deafening.  I answered, “He WAS the executive producer of “Nightline,” but I’m a widow now.” “He died almost 5 1/2 years ago.”

The chatter around the table fell to a whisper.  Heads turned and eye’s didn’t mean too, but they locked-in on me.  That word widow, caught everyone’s attention.

“You’re a widow?”  “He must have been so young?”

Yes and Yes.

As fast as it happened, it UN-happened.  Most people realized they had reacted to the word and quickly tried to recoup their conversations and gracefully move back where they’d been before they heard the word.

Some words have so much power.  Five letters that fall together and spell sadness, pain, missing, separation.

There’s that word again.

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