Tough question…harder answer

There are people who help you through difficult times in your life and you think if they were there, by your side, during the worst times, they’d be there forever.

I mean if these “friends” were there for the worst of it, they’d surely be there when life showed its softer side.

You can’t get through cancer’s punch without support from special people who make an effort to lighten the load any way they can.  A meal, a ride, babysitting, sitting in a waiting room just because they know you might need some support after a scan or an exam.  These are FRIENDS.

So when a woman, going through post cancer tremors,  asked me, when one of those “friends” turned out NOT to be one of those friends, what in the world should she do?  She felt sad and so disappointed.

Ironclad friendships are made in times of distress and cancer certainly fits that description.  Finding out a friend put a “best used before” time stamp on that friendship changes your world all over again.

And there’s no easy answer to the question.


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