Rest in peace, dear Alice.

You certainly have earned that much.

How could life turn on you so harshly?  I don’t know what your early years were like, but with five sisters, I’d like to imagine that you laughed together, grew up sharing stories and fought like sisters do when they get to be teenagers.

How did you all drift apart so completely that not one of your siblings came to say good-bye?  Thankfully, they will lay you down to rest with your family; a final resting place surrounded with familiar comforts.

Alice, you will never know how lucky you were, when you met Al and his daughter.  This community has had his soulful words and out-stretched arms around us for a long time now and I don’t know what we’d do without him.  I’m sure his daughter is just like him, if she was by his side when they came to visit you.

Circumstances that we have no control over, play such a key role in our lives.  You certainly came face to face with hardships we can only imagine.  But you don’t have to suffer those hardships any longer.  A life broken into pieces, illness, loneliness…all worries for the living.

Peace.  Simple, serene peace, is in your grasp now.

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