Finding the Big Guy…

I’m not sure what led me there, but something took hold of my fingers on the keyboard and away I went to an old website where I found vintage Leroy Sievers  commentaries and a conversation about cancer with his old friend Ted Koppel.

He was sitting in that big easy chair in the chemo room at Johns Hopkins telling Ted how HE wasn’t there yet, but he certainly could understand how cancer patients would get to the point of just saying “Enough is enough,” “No more chemo.”

Another click of the computer and I was listening to him talk about how he wasn’t angry that this had happened to him.  He of course had gone to that place most cancer patients go to at some point in their disease.  The “why me” place, but he had quickly exited that room in search of the “fighting” room. He was up for the battle for his life against this disease and always said he didn’t have time for the “why me” place.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised about finding Leroy all over the Web.  His blogs are archived here too.

His face, his voice, his wisdom about cancer and life was really very soothing.  I must have needed a “Leroy fix.”  I must have been looking for a little guidance, knowing I couldn’t ask him face to face, just hearing his voice and seeing him again gave me some of the answers I was looking for.

It’s nice to know I can find him again…any time the need presents itself.


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