Snow stuff

Weather, it’s been in the headlines all winter and tonight is no different.

I’ve been watching the Doppler radar this afternoon as this beast of a storm rolls up the East coast.  It’s a monster storm, with all the frills; rain, sleet, a lot of snow.  My guess is there are weather people smiling tonight because this is the Super Bowl of weather.

But I’ve also listened to the radio today and the news stations in my area are asking for volunteers with big trucks or heavy 4-wheel drive vehicles.  They need them for patients and medical staff to get back and forth to hospitals, treatment centers and clinics.

Some patients can’t afford to miss a treatment.  Not even a major weather event like this one, can stop those important procedures.

For the rest of us, it’s important not to become a victim of the storm.  Take it easy on the shoveling.  Use your knees.bend them…don’t use your back, when shoveling that heavy snow.  Take breaks and drink plenty of water.  And stay off the roads.  This storm is said to have plenty of ice packed inside those dark clouds.

Be warm and safe


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