Oh, the loneliness

How do you put it gently?  I tried, but I clearly didn’t do a good job of it.

Loneliness is part of loss.

My neighbor, who just a couple of months ago, lost her husband to bone cancer, was honest when I asked her how she was doing.

“I’m not doing so good,” she said.  Tears followed and through the sobs came the words, “I’m just so lonely.”

She was all bundled-up, shovel in hand and many inches of snow to go before her driveway would be clear.  She said the shoveling helped clear her head and give her something else to think about.  She said sitting in “their” living room just makes her long for the days when they sat there, together.  He would read, she would talk and there was always classical music playing in the background.

Years of togetherness and now a new life with many adjustments.

A living room that’s just a room now.

It makes her so sad to

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