Remember those days…

Think back….to the days when you walked into the waiting room.  You checked in with the nurse on duty.  You said your name and that you were there for a PET scan, or a CT scan and then you quickly looked around the room trying to find a couple of chairs that were open and away from the others, sitting there, waiting for the same reason.

You, and your care giver were trying to act ‘normal’ but it was hard because you both were thinking about what that scan would reveal.

It’s been four weeks, or six weeks, or six months and it’s time to see if all that chemo had done its job.  It was a long course of difficult treatment.  Rashes, neuropathy, nausea, all the things that we all hate about this therapy had come and mostly gone.

This was the day when you and your loved one sat together, deep in thought, but not talking, hoping together, that the cancer had been chased away.

Lovely, wonderful, N-E-D, or at the very least, the signs of remission.

So many families went through this today.  I’m thinking of one, in particular, and silently praying and wishing for good news.

The results can’t come fast enough.


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