A Robin says so much…

I saw a Robin…A really beautiful, Robin with a very bright red breast hoping from branch to branch and it made me smile.

Not only did the thermometer rise above freezing, with a snow melt of huge proportions, but here was this little bird showing me that with all this Winter, there was this sign that Spring is rounding the bend.

It’s really a sign of HOPE, as I see it.

Hope that my friend will get good results from his PET scan.  Hope that his latest cocktail of chemo has done its job and the cancer has once again gone into hiding and his quality of life will remain high.  And then there’s my neighbor who is mourning the loss of her husband to the beast.  The Robin says “cheer up” nice lady.  Spring will bring your garden into bloom.   Blue skies and sunshine will warm your shoulders and your heart.  Life will begin again. It will be different, but it too, will bloom for you.

And last, but not least, the robin is for you too, Nan.  Sadness from the loss of a parent is some of the most unrelenting sadness to conquer.  Saying good-bye to your Dad takes so much space in ones’ heart.  Hopefully you can take the image of this little robin,  find moments of happiness and turn it into good memories of your Dad.

What a day it was…. That little robin had so much to say!!


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