Who’s the survivor?

What does it mean to be a cancer survivor?

Is there such a thing?

How does some one make it to that special place?

I heard a breast cancer patient talk about that today.  She doesn’t like the word “survivor” when it’s used in cancer world.  She said it sounds like there’s a beginning, middle and an end to having cancer.  She’s been through a tremendous amount of cancer treatment and has been told that she doesn’t have the disease any more, but that doesn’t mean she’s a survivor; at least it doesn’t mean that to her.

She’s still on strong meds to help keep her cancer free…that’s the plan any way.   So she  doesn’t call herself a “survivor.”

She a strong, realist of cancer’s wrath.

Leroy went 4 1/2 years without a trace of cancer and then, BOOM, a drooping cheek led to a brain CT and his “survivor” status changed in a heartbeat.  He was never a fan of the word either.

“It’s not what we see, it’s what we don’t see.”

That’s what the doctors are thinking,  when they send their patients back out into the world after successful treatment.

Is the cancer gone or is it moving through the blood stream in search of new places to conquer?

This breast cancer patient might be on to something.  Who’s the survivor then?

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