Go Navy..

He was a big, strong, man, probably 6 foot 3.  He was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with the word NAVY on it, in big bold letters.

Clearly on a mission,  he stepped into the elevator.  In fact, he hardly waited for the doors to open completely. He spoke in a loud voice,

” Which button to the main floor?”

You might think that’s a silly question.  ONE would be the main floor, right? In the elevators at the Cancer Center, there’s the garage level “1” and then there’s the main floor “1.”

He was clearly looking for the cancer center “1” because this was check-up day.

“I’m here for my status report.  It’s a big day for me.” There was no question that preceded that statement of fact.  This gentleman wanted anyone close to know he was ready for his cancer check-up.  I happened to be the only other person in the elevator, so I was the sounding board.

All I could do was react.  “Wow, big day.” “I can tell you’re ready.” “How do you feel?”

He explained he’d been out of the country for a few months on a job but came back right on time for this very important day.  He said he wasn’t going to miss this day.

And then the doors opened at the same time he looked at me and said, “Enough about me, I hope your appointment goes well too.”

Before I had a chance to tell him I was at Hopkins for a meeting and not for the reason he thought, other’s were trying to get in the elevator as we were trying to get out and the commotion led us out into the lobby.  He went one way and I another, but not before he yelled out, “I hope we’re both lucky today.”

I felt lucky just knowing him for a few minutes.  His strength and courage and positive vibe.  I’ve been thinking about him all day.

Go Navy!


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