Dorothy had it right….

How do you protect “home” from cancer’s wide reach?

Home is the one place that is supposed to be safe and secure.

It’s the place where Dorothy did everything she could, just to get back to Auntie Em.

Cancer has the ability to slide in, under the door stop and change the home environment and cause chaos.

Routines are broken.

Dinner time around the table happens in shifts, instead of as a family.  Just the sight of those little orange colored medicine containers multiplying by the dozens, does something to the psyche of the kitchen counter.  Then add the gauze pads, paper tape, alcohol wipes, the list goes on and on and the home décor and entire balance of the home is thrown off its axis.

The washing machine is in constant spin cycle, just like the house.

I always used our home to regroup.  I would search for a quiet place at night to think about our day in cancer world and what the future would hold.

I resented the fact that cancer had a place in our house.  This was the foundation of where we got our strength.

We used to come home from a road trip and our house was our sanctuary. The couch was the napping place, the kitchen was waiting for a home cooked meal to say “Welcome back.”

Now it was challenged by this intruder.

If you’re in this cancer struggle, do everything you can to keep your home whole.  Keep it like it was before this disease changed everything else in your life.

Dorothy was right….”There’s no place like home.”




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