Too early for tears…

It was barely 9 am and the cancer center lobby was packed.

Patients walking in all directions, hurrying to appointments, and grabbing the last chairs in the out patient waiting room.  Every day is a busy day up there, but Monday’s always seem to be catch-up days from weekends and health scares that pop-up on Saturdays and Sundays.

In the fast pace of the morning two individuals caught my eye.  Actually it was their eye’s that caught my attention.  They were filled with tears.

Such sadness so early in the morning.  Bad news from cancer world and there was no holding back.

These two people didn’t know each other..they walked by, in their own worlds, forced to process whatever test had revealed more disease, or maybe it was the first time they’d heard the word cancer.

Either way, it was much too early for tears.



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