Cancer Words

We were sitting around the room thinking of words that say “cancer.”

Words that could go into making a song about clinical trials.

Without clinical trials, there would be no advanced treatment of cancer today.  Think about it, clinical trials are tomorrow’s standard treatments in cancer.  The trials that work in a patient show researchers and doctors the way to better procedures down the road.

So we put some good words out there: paying it forward, hope, research, bravery, chance, success.

These words are wrapped around the cancer patients who make the choice to sign up for these trials for a number of reasons.  Maybe their current meds have stopped being effective.  Maybe the cancer has jumped the chemo and there isn’t another standard procedure available. Maybe they see themselves as pioneers on the cancer trail and want to leave behind a lasting footprint on the cancer research path.

What ever the reasons, they have used their cancer words in real time.

Paying it forward…three little words that pack a punch.

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