Do doctors get old?

I saw a report that warned there wouldn’t be enough oncologists in the coming years to cover all the cancer needs of the aging population.

We “boomers” are growing older and as you know, cancer chases after the older, slower types in bigger numbers, than it does the younger, stronger bodies.

This report also made mention of the fact that the men and women who treat cancer are also approaching the retiring age and there aren’t enough of the young MD’s in line to take over.

These kind of reports always crunch numbers, throw in some interesting statistics of projected cancer cases in the future and the bottom line was, too many cancer cases and not enough cancer doc’s to go around.

I’ve been fortunate to have met so many great cancer experts up at Hopkins, but I’ve never imagined them ‘old’ or interested in finding a different, less challenging profession that would lead them away from treating cancer patients.    These are men and women who thrive on learning the next step to successful treatment for cancer.  They are aggressive doctors.  They attack cancer and consider it a challenge to come up with new and innovative ways to stop it in its tracks.  The treatments are aggressive, but so are these doctors.

What would make them want to stop chasing the elusive finish line that is ‘cure’ with this disease?

Just the mention of this report disturbed me because I can remember what Leroy and I felt like walking through those doors at the Cancer Center so many years ago.  We were afraid and yet we felt safe knowing we were walking into a place full of smart, professional medical minds of all ages, set on one thing and that was to give Leroy quality of life and quantity of life, even though his disease was metastatic.

No one on our team was too young or too old.  The thought never entered my mind.


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