Oreo’s Rule…

I’m about to make an Oreo cheesecake.

This is a killer cake, full of cream cheese, eggs, sugar and plenty of Oreo’s.  The key ingredient is the Oreo cookie…many Oreo cookies.

I never kept Oreo’s in the house because they had a tendency to disappear mysteriously….or maybe not so mysteriously.

These cheesecakes were a big part of our Halloween party dessert table every year and I’d make one just for the band and one for the Big Guy too, so you can imagine how many bags of Oreo’s I’d use every Halloween.  And there were times when I’d have to go back to the store to replenish my supply because Leroy was what I’d describe as an “Oreo robber.”

So here I am with just the right amount of Oreo’s for one cake, to bake for some friends.  But this one cake weighs in with big memories in every bite.

It’s also odd that I can walk away from the counter with the package of Oreo’s sitting there, knowing that when I return, they’ll still be there, not a one missing.

No more “Oreo robber” in this house.

That’s just wrong!




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