Care givers have the power…

We’re not doctors.  We’re not nurses.  We ARE care givers.

What we bring to the cancer table is very important and what we learn as care givers over the course of our loved ones’ treatment can not be held close.

We must reach out and share this knowledge.

So many of us are so tired at the end of this road that all we want to do is forget what we’ve just been through.

But believe it or not, we now have a new skill and it’s an important skill and can’t be forgotten.  Too many others need to know what’s ahead.  They need to know they will be tested in ways they never imagined.  They need to learn to ‘talk’ to their loved ones, who are now cancer patients.  They need to go easy on these new patients who will no longer be the people they once were.

Life will change is every way.  We’ve lived it.  Now it’s our turn to help the next care giver-to-be with the information they’ll need to make this road smoother.

Find a place to share your knowledge.  Find a way to help.  Care givers have the power.



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