Constant reminders….

The after effects of treatment just don’t stop.  They are a constant reminder of where you’ve been; cancer road.

My friend Marne has been finished with her breast cancer surgery and treatment for over a year now but it just won’t let go of her.  The post surgical woes were painful.  She was sore and achy long after her doctors told her she’d be past the worst of it.  But she squared her shoulders and walked-on.  She promised herself she would put cancer in the past.

Treatment was awful.  The radiation did what radiation does; she was tired and depressed and had headaches.  She was over radiation long before radiation was over her.

Reconstruction brought more side effects.  Her medical team continued to build-up her resolve but she got to the point where that wasn’t working either. But she remained focused and got through that part too.

The constant pain in her shoulder wasn’t cancer, but it was related to her cancer surgery; rotator cuff issues and more surgery.

Now she’s in rehab for the shoulder.

She sets an alarm so she doesn’t miss a self-imposed PT session at her desk at work.  This on top of going to a physical therapist for range of motion work on that repaired shoulder.

She is determined to get to the day when there is nothing else going on with her body that will take her back to that cancer place.

Such strength, such determination…there’s only respect for that kind of resolve.

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