Hope…it keeps us going.

Maybe these latest images of debris in the most remote area of the Indian Ocean will turn out to be pieces of the missing Malaysian flight 370.

Discovery and recovery of this mystery air ship is way over-due.

But what about the families and friends who have been waiting to hear about their loved ones?  Many have come apart in pieces, just like it seems the plane has done.  These poor people, holding on to HOPE with every fiber in their bodies.  Some have talked about how they believe their loved ones are still alive: how they will come back to join their families and live on.

HOPE is all they have left.  It is the thin thread that allows them to take another breath and wake-up another day, hoping to get any news that makes a difference.

As day 13 of this search dawns, I think about how these families hopes have changed.  Day 1, beyond the terror of the event, hope of some news of surviving whatever caused this plane to evaporate in the sky, was a possibility.  Even day 2, 3, maybe even 4, but has time moved on, with no developments, hope began to fade or at least, it began to change.

It’s how all of us, who have gone through a terminal illness have managed our hope.  We move from hoping for a miracle to a peaceful end.  Our stages of hope took longer than what these families have gone through, but the similarities remain the same.

Thank God for HOPE.  It is what gets us through a crisis.

For the living loved ones of MH370, I can only “hope” they find a peaceful place when this is finally resolved.

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