Lifting our friend..

There just isn’t a better place than this.

We may not be large in numbers, but we’re HUGE in heart and I’ll take heart any day of the week.

We are standing together, backs straight, arms outstretched and hearts open for one of us, who is in deep pain right now.

We are lifting our friend Al.

He may not come to this community for a few weeks.  He has a lot of healing to do.  He’s lost his soul mate.  49 years they made a life together and from the hints he’s left on this blog, it was one terrific marriage.  But all of your messages of love and caring will be here for him when he returns.  Be prepared to send more of your heartfelt thoughts his way, because, as so many of us know, it takes a very long time to find the ground again.  It’s a free-fall of emotions and unsteady times.

Al’s mentioned his family here many times, and there’s no doubt they are circling him right now to form an inner circle of strength.  That’s family number one.

OUR CANCER is family number two.  Al’s a very fortunate man.



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