Remembering some special friends…

A different blog tonight…

Just remembering some special people….

Linda Cato…Al’s beloved of 49 years.   Some times you just feel you know some one because you’ve been lucky enough to know their spouse, family member, friend….I think we all feel like that in this case.  Linda Cato must have been the best of the best because she picked Al and he picked her.  And he picked “US!”

I’m thinking of June Sievers tonight too. Leroy’s Mom would be celebrating a birthday today.  She was a special lady.  I thank her for a son who changed my life.

And yesterday, I said a final farewell to a wonderful woman, who was the model for the description of “Southern Belle.”  Lovely, sweet, soulful Lorraine.  Rest in peace.

It is so important to remember.

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