House Party

The boxes were every where, but we didn’t care because we were FINALLY moving in.

OUR house

We’d gone through all the stages of building a home.  First, we looked for a turn-key place, but we quickly realized most homes were not built for 6-foot 5-inch men.  Leroy actually hit his head in an entry way at one house walking through the kitchen to the dining room.  House after house, tiny room after tiny room and we finally came to conclusion we’d build, or at least find something we could remodel into our own vision.

I would never tell anyone “don’t do this” but I would tell them to make sure you have plenty of patience and “move-in” dates are meant to slide.

Ours slid to this week….23 years ago.  We were told to be ready to move in four months earlier.

I walk around the house now and I see Leroy’s hands on so many things.  We have VERY high ceilings, as you might imagine.  The beautiful slate wall that frames the fireplace was designed by Leroy.  Even the stairs are super-sized so his size 13’s fit comfortably on every step.

This is “our” home.  He lived in this house and he died in this house.  He even made me promise I wouldn’t sell this house for at least a year after he was gone.  He said, “You’ll need time to pull it all together.”  He was right.

Our plans, and you all know how cancer cancels the best laid plans, were to live here until we would head West, back to California.  We were, after all, Southern Californians at our core.

So this is a week to walk around the house and remember all the little things that went into building this home.  All my Leroy moments when we laughed and when we didn’t!

When it was finished and we were living here, I had two neon lights made for Leroy.  One said “CALM” and one said “FLEXIBLE.”

Words to live by, more than ever….23 years down the road.


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