When do we get it?

Most of us take life for granted.

We just do.  We have busy lives.  We get swept up in the every day running around of doing “stuff” and we just don’t stop to realize we’re not appreciating the days of our lives.

So, when do we get it? When does it hit us like a brick that we’ve ignored all this precious time?

Sometimes the “light goes on” thanks to a special moment or event in our lives.  A graduation, a particularly special birthday or maybe a family member or friend you’re very close to celebrates a milestone in their life.

Then, there is of course, living in the sphere of cancer.  Whether you’re the patient or the care giver, living with cancer awakens a place deep inside your soul, that screams “Do you get it NOW?”

‘Getting it’ may not come to you until the cancer has taken away the big reason you’re now different, but that’s OK too.

It may take you through the healing of your loss, to come out the other end and realize how important each day is; how important it is to see life differently.

Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones.  You got it as soon as the words “You have cancer” resonated in the room.

The point is…..sooner or later, we all need to “get it.”

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