The mystery of success..

Why does it work for some?  Why doesn’t it work for others?

Cancer treatment is such a mystery.

I have a friend who has been at death’s door from her cancer so many times; she started with conventional chemotherapy so long ago, I can’t remember what year it was.  When that failed, her team of doctors gave her a choice of starting on a clinical trial or going with a plan B of chemo and radiation.  She decided to go with the clinical trial.  She qualified for the trial and it worked….for a long time, then it didn’t.  So back to the drawing board and another trial seemed to fit her case and she joined that trial.

This has been her life now for many years and she just recently started another trial and her latest scans have proved worthy of the move.  Her doctor told her she is a cancer mystery.  More like a cancer miracle in my book.  Her scans showed no evidence of disease:NED!

So she’s turned in her pain pump for an airline ticket and is now planning a Spring trip to a beautiful beach.

Nothing wrong with this decision, but how did this happen and why did this happen?  Her doctor’s can’t really give her an explanation, at least not a medical one.  It just worked.  It just worked for her.

The mystery of success in cancer world is not to be messed with….some times it’s better to just whisper “Thank you” and find that beach.

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