One, Two, Three, Punch…

The hits just keep coming; The cancer hits.

It’s always a good day when cancer takes an uppercut and today is one of those days.

Not one, not two, but three great reports came sliding onto my email over night.

One friend’s MRI and PET scans revealed shrinkage of a tumor in the brain and his other cancer is putting on a disappearing act on his liver.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Friend number two got the news that a newly discovered mass in a breast, and she is a former breast cancer patient, was biopsied and it’s just a mass…no cancer. No new chemo needed, no new radiation needed.  Resume speed and live.

Friend number three is the real miracle.  From a terminal diagnosis, she is now looking in the mirror and seeing a cancer free person.  Multiple meds, multiple clinical trials, in fact her medical team threw everything they had at her and it has worked.

These are the days that make me feel like research and treatment for so many kinds of cancers has really taken a step forward.

Does it also make me feel a little sad that those steps hadn’t been taken a few years ago, when maybe, just maybe, they could have made a difference in some one who lived in this house? Sure….but I also know that that some one paid it forward, and helped those discoveries come to life.

So cancer was 0 for 3 today.  I’m liking those numbers.

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