“Some days I just pull the covers over my head”

Pulling the covers over your head; Sound familiar?

How many times have you wanted to do that after a loss from cancer.  Those were the words a friend used this morning when he was describing how he’s been feeling after the loss of his Dad.   It’s been a few months now and he’s definitely feeling a little less heavy around the heart, but it’s still so hard.

He calls it anxiety.  I call it the black magic of grief.

You’re fine one minute and then it’s as if some one has cast a spell over your heart and this feeling of dread overcomes you.  The sadness is pervasive, spreading like a think coat of oil through your body.

He has taken to pulling the covers over his head, waiting for the coldness to pass.  I told him to walk, swim, put on some headsets and listen to music; anything to help push through the spell.

Grief has to run its course but we can’t let it find a permanent place in our hearts.  That’s where life is supposed to thrive.

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