Until It Happens to YOU…

There are a lot of columns and blogs and books out there to help you through a loss.

There are experts who have studied and trained for many years and I don’t doubt for a minute that their expertise is a valuable tool to many who find themselves dealing with the death of a loved one.  I’ve connected with many who are in the middle of their cancer battle and they find it helpful to visit a psychologist regularly, just to vent.  They talk out their frustrations over having lost control of their lives.  The care givers do the same.  They talk about how life has changed for them.  The ‘normal’ that once was, is no more.

Then there’s a place like this.

We’ve walked this road.  Our ‘talk’ is the talk of the experience and there is no replacing that.   Any advice we give, comes from our days living in cancer world.  Even if it’s not advice, just sharing or venting, we do it with the backing of the knowledge of having been there.

This family of “Our Cancer” experts amazes me every day; using the right words, telling the right stories and ‘lifting’ when ‘lifting’ is the only thing that will help.

That’s why I think the ‘experts’ need to take a page from the ‘experienced.’

Until it happens to YOU….


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