It’s there when we need it….

We don’t even know we have it, until we need it and then we’re so happy to have it.


When you think about HOPE and cancer the two are inseparable.

Before cancer, life is really a daily lesson.  We don’t think about HOPE very much unless there’s something out of the ordinary that is a part of our day.  Maybe we’re up for a promotion and we HOPE we get it.  Maybe one of our kids’ is in a school play and we HOPE he/she does well.  But we don’t sit around and HOPE for a decent salad at lunch or getting out of the office on time.

So we don’t call on our HOPE very often if our lives are fairly normal.

Cancer changes that in an instant.  Nano-seconds have we hear “YOU have cancer,”  where ever HOPE lives inside us, it presents itself in waves of emotion. When we cry after hearing we have cancer, HOPE is in those tears.  When we hug a loved one for support, HOPE is wrapped in that embrace.  At night, when we are wide awake thinking about what the future holds, HOPE is the link to that future.

When just hours before, we really hadn’t thought about HOPE and the role it plays in our lives.

It allows us to BELIEVE, BE ASSURED and above all, MAKE PLANS….all feelings, cancer tries it’s best to destroy.

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