Renewal, Refresh and finally…Springtime

It’s the trifecta…Spring, refreshing and renewing.

Where I live, the trees are finally showing signs of that ‘new’ green as those little leaves start to peek out of the branches that have looked like sticks for far too long.

The daffodils have bloomed, the tulips are stretching out in all their glorious colors.  Even the hosta’s are poking up, daring the deer to take just one bite before they reach maturity.  In my yard that’s quite a challenge.

Most evening’s I’m visited by at least a half dozen deer who canvas the yard, searching for a new addition to the buffet of tasty plantings.

It’s Spring.  Every one and every thing is looking for renewal.  It’s a refreshing time too.  A time to shed the heavy jackets and feel the sun on our faces.

The energy from all of this, gives us new hope and new strength to face some pretty tough days that come in cancer world.

Soak it in….it’s an important time of year.

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