Thanks for being in my life…

We’ve talked about “remembering them” so many times in this space, tonight, I bring it up again because I just sent back an email offering up my  services to the folks in family services at Johns Hopkins who work so hard every year doing what they call a “Service of Remembrance.”

This is an evening event meant to soothe the hurt and heartache after a loss from cancer.  Families and care givers gather at the Kimmel Cancer Center, not so much to remember their frequent visits to the infusion room, or radiation or imaging.  This is a night to remember their loved ones.  It is a night to remember their fighting spirit, their will to live, their presence in the world.

These were people who had personalities and spunk and fire in their souls.  They wanted to live and they fought their disease with every ounce of energy they had.  They were ‘our people.’

So the preparations are being made to once again REMEMBER THEM.

I’m honored to be able to help in any way I can, whether it’s to help with seating, hand-off a box of Kleenex to a tearful cheek, or just to say “I’m with you, I’m a member of this group.”  If that helps, in any way, it helps me too.

And it’s just another way for me to say to Leroy, “I remember and thank you for being in my life.”

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