Swinging for the fences….

When ever I see someone smoking a cigarette I wonder why?

I mean after all the data the American Cancer Society has collected about smoking and cancer, I wonder why anyone would put themselves at such a risk for so many cancers?  And then there’s chewing tobacco….

Tonight an entire city is rallying around the news that one of their own, is battling cancer that happened from chewing tobacco.  Hall of Famer, Tony Gwynn, from the San Diego Padres, is in the fight of his life.  Cancer in his right cheek, multiple surgeries since 2010 and now comes word he has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the San Diego State Aztecs baseball team where he was coaching.

SDSU released a statement by Tony, saying “I’m on the mend and looking forward to getting back to the team.”

Other sources have said his health is in peril.

This man is a champion; Eight National League batting titles, in the 20 years he played for the Padres.  He finished with a .338 batting average and 3,141 hits.  He easily walked into the Hall of Fame with those numbers. As good as he was on the diamond, that’s as good as he is as a man too.

But using smokeless tobacco, according to the American Cancer Society can be deadly.

Tony is strong.  He could make a baseball disappear deep into the outfield seats.  Let’s hope he can do the same to cancer.



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