A good day….

Yes, it’s Friday.  I guess that means it automatically qualifies as a “good” day.

But it’s more than Friday and it’s more than any other ‘good’ day.

It’s a good day for healing.

Maybe you’re already in the process of healing.  Maybe you’re recovering from a recent loss and feel like you don’t know the first thing about starting to heal.  Well, today is that day.

I’ve been in the process since August of 2008.  It’s not an easy task, I promise you that and it’s a life long project too.

I’ve come to understand that healing is like grieving: it is done in stages and it takes forever to accomplish.

The first phases are so hard.  They hurt and they are slow to scab over.  You never really think you’ll come out of the depths of such sadness, but you do, eventually.  The weight of the pain eases ever so slightly and when you feel that weight lift, that’s the healing taking over.

We all heal at a different pace, so don’t compare yourself to a friend who’s been through a loss and don’t let anyone, professional or otherwise, tell you there’s a certain window of time etched out in a book somewhere that tells you how long you have to heal.

Just grab a day, like today.  It’s a good day to start: a good day to begin the healing.


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