Birthday’s are special

Happy Birthday Mom.

She would have been 103 today.  I know, not likely, but it wasn’t likely that cancer would have taken her life either, but it did.

May 2, 1996, just two days after her birthday.

I remember her today because she left me with so many good things to remember about her and she set the stones that have guided me through a life filled with peaks and valleys.  I’m not sure I could have gotten through some of those valleys without those lessons.

I was looking at a picture I took of her standing near the Cabrillo National Lighthouse in San Diego.  I can tell from the photo that the wind was blowing that day, but she’s smiling and loving the place that was her home for over 60 years.  The old lighthouse sits high on a hill overlooking the Pacific ocean and we’d go there so often to watch the whales migrate south to Mexico or just to feel the ocean breezes on a warm San Diego day.

She taught me to love the ocean, the breezes, the beauty of where I grew up.

She taught me so much, including to make a big deal about birthdays because they are special days.

Happy Birthday Mom….I’m remembering.


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