Good cancer care goes a long way….

She’s a lucky lady in more ways than one and when you get a cancer diagnosis than means so much.

She’s battled her disease with strength and courage but more than that, she’s in such good hands, if her N-E-D status were to change, her medical team has anticipated what the next move will be and they are ready to go.

They keep a close watch on her scans and this time around they spotted a node that has changed, so instead of waiting to see if others follow, she’s going in for a PET scan and if something comes up “hot” she already knows her course of action.

She’s been genetically tested and matched for new clinical trials just now opening for patients who meet all the criteria for the trials.  Even her present protocol is being managed so there won’t be any question that her body will be ready for this new trial.   Her medical team hasn’t left anything to chance.  They are ready, but more importantly, they’ve made her ready too.

If all goes well, the latest scan won’t show any surprises and this powerful, positive person will continue to carry her N-E-D badge.

BUT…just in case…she has a team, a great team in her corner and there’s nothing better when you’re facing cancer.


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