He’s lost from the loss

He was her wall.  She leaned on him for support and he was always there for her.  She was an independent woman, but when it came to a foot rub to soothe the stress of cancer, he had the magic touch. His kisses washed away the pain.  They shared a heart filled with love for each other.

They were in the fight together.  They celebrated the good news and he did everything in his power to minimalize the bad news.  They never allowed themselves to dwell on the bad stuff.  They wouldn’t let cancer run their lives.

He told me, she was alert and “in the moment” until her final breath.

And now he’s lost without her.

The heart they shared is broken in two.  One half is missing and the rhythm isn’t right.

He understood she had metastatic disease: that the cancer would take her life but did it have to be so soon?  He thought he was prepared for this at some point, but did it have to be so soon? She had rallied so many times, but not this time.

It hurts so much.

He’s lost from the loss…

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