It was her nurse who left the biggest impression…

She HAD breast cancer.

She remembers every single detail of her diagnosis, her chemotherapy, and her radiation.

She appreciates the fact that she had great doctors who prescribed the treatment that moved her past the patient status and into the (here comes that word) survivor status.  She doesn’t mind the survivor label at all.  She’s happy to be here as a healthy, active 60-something, living life again.

The person she puts on a pedestal just a few notches above the rest of her medical team, is her chemo nurse.

Sure, she wasn’t happy when she saw this nurse walking toward her with a bag full of poison, ready to hang it on the T-stand along with the other liquid meds meant to ward-off nausea or build bone mass, but when she would finish doing that part of her job, this angel would sit next to my friend and spend time with her.  She’d hold her hand, bring her a warm blanket, fluff a pillow and just be a friend.  They got to be so close, that now, after all the treatment is finished, they still stay in touch.

Two people who would never have met otherwise, are now connected for life.

In fact, this nurse made such an impression on my friend, she now volunteers in the chemo room at least once a week.

Experience, knowledge and an open heart: three gifts handed down from nurse to patient and now paying it forward.


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