Step back…Step forward…

Six months ago she lost the one she couldn’t live without to cancer.  The doctors found his disease in his bones and it quickly moved to vital organs and before she knew it, he was gone.  She’s stayed close to home, listening to the music that he loved.  Classical music plays on in the house and she can only think of him.  She’s managed to take up the yard work that he so carefully managed.  She actually found herself loving the care and feeding of their beautiful trees and garden.

That was the extent of it though, she hasn’t done much more than move around the yard.

Now, as I walked toward her home this morning, I found her sitting in the shade with a neighbor visiting and enjoying the cool morning air.  Her first words after “Good morning” were “Have you been to the canal?”

She was talking about the C and O Canal where the beauty of Maryland really shines.  The trees, the birds, the raging Potomac River; it’s all there with a tow path that stretches for miles.  She and her husband were frequent walkers there, just like Leroy and me.

The dusty clay path holds many footsteps including my friend and her husband’s.  She couldn’t wait to tell me she had returned this weekend.  With memories forcing the tears in her eyes to overflow, she talked about her first visit back since losing her beloved.

She’s healing.  She took a few steps back and a big step forward.

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