A world away…

She’s a world away and yet the same fears persist in her mind.  She is a breast cancer survivor. She’s been clean for almost four years and then came the little ache in her back.  She’s had other nagging cramps and twinges because she’s an active 59 year old who likes to garden and that means she’s bending over a lot and that means she gets aches and pains.

This one was different so she decided a trip to the doctor was necessary.  She lives in India.  The way her sister tells it, cancer care comes at a high price: good cancer care that is.  It’s money up front before the tests are taken.  It’s money up front at the clinics where the PET scans are reliable.  It’s not a matter of insurance, but money up front.  So she’s paying and paying and paying some more.

The PET scan lit up a spot in her lower back where the pain originated.  They said it was best to do a biopsy so she said “yes.”  She paid again and was assured her sample will go to a good lab and the results should be back in a couple of days.

Same fears, same worries, same story.

She’s a world away and yet I know exactly how she feels.

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