The pain meter….

Gus and Hazel met at a cancer support group.  Both are metastatic cancer victims or as Hazel puts it so profoundly in the movie “The Fault in Our Stars”, Gus has “a touch of cancer.”

I wanted to see the film because I thought if I could get through the movie, I could get through the book.

I won’t be reading the book in the near future.  The movie rocked me to the core and I’m almost six years away from losing Leroy, so any of you who are inside that bubble, I don’t suggest you check your local listings for this movie any time soon, unless you want some powerful, uncomfortable, incredibly sad memories to wash over your heart.

There were many scenes in the film that were poignant and meaningful and the acting was superb.  So much of this movie stayed with me into the night and even through today.

At one point, Hazel is recalling how one of her nurses would always ask her about pain.  Could she please “rate” her pain from one to ten, with ten being the ultimate, worst pain ever.  When she was in the ICU and couldn’t breathe and she was in agony, she put up nine fingers. That, she thought was her ultimate pain because she couldn’t possible imagine a ten on the pain scale.

I won’t tell you what event presents itself as her ten, but I can tell you this much, I’ve felt my ten and so many of you have too.  You never forget a ten.


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