Between a rock and a hard place…

It’s one week out of the year.  Two important dates, two important days, that were milestones in our life together.

June 16th, Leroy’s birthday.  June 19th, our wedding anniversary.

Made it through yesterday with some sadness but I forced myself to remember all the birthdays that weren’t marked with cancer.  There weren’t enough of those, but the one’s we had were great.  I look back and I’m so happy to think that we made our birthdays special, never thinking his would stop at 53.

We shared so many fun years together.  We were young enough to barely think they would end early and old enough that every once in a while, we would talk about growing old together and what those years might be like.  Just stuff that regular couples think about when they reach a certain point in their lives.

But I try not to go there anymore, because it’s still a little tender in that part of my heart.  Healing is a section by section process and some parts heal quicker than others.

It’s a hard week, but I’ve gotten through five of them, this will be the sixth.  I’m taking it one year at a time.


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