Chocolate cake trumps cancer most days….

It was six layers high and between each layer of chocolate cake there was a rich, creamy buttery chocolate filling.

A chocoholics’ answer to nirvana.

Remember how Leroy blogged about playing the cancer card?

He always wondered if calling for a restaurant reservation and mentioning the fact that he was a cancer patient would make a difference in the table or being seated quickly.  He never really did that, but it was a source of conversation every now and then.

Well, he did play the cancer card six years ago this evening, when he declared our wedding cake had to be the biggest chocolate cake he’d ever imagined.  How could I deny him this dream cake?  Not a chance.

It was decorated with a big silver heart, a bride and groom and the word “Celebrate” written across the top.

Cancer had dug deep into his bones by this time and he felt it stabbing at his nerves.  It hurt, but he collected every ounce of strength he had and stood next to me to say “I do.”

In front of wonderful family and friends we sealed our 26 years of togetherness.

It was a bitter-sweet day, except for those few minutes, when I looked at him, next to me and watched as he devoured

that chocolate cake.

We were just like any other wedding couple for those few minutes….cancer couldn’t touch us.



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