Givers of Life…

They both have been diagnosed with cancer.  In fact, their surgeries were just hours apart and that’s only because they had the same surgeon.  He could only operate on one of them at a time.  Both surgeries, it appears were very successful.  They are living wonderful lives, enjoying each other and within that celebration of life, they are remembering their introduction to lung cancer and they’ve decided they want to pay it forward.

Lucky for the next patient who walks through the doors after diagnosis, they can now get the most up to date, precise information on their lung cancer by simply viewing an educational video on the Lung Cancer Multidiscipline clinic at Johns Hopkins.  This isn’t a cure for the disease, but it is a primer on what is offered to lung cancer patients who qualify for the clinic.  It’s on the Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center website and just a click away. This giving couple gave from their hearts and thankfully were in a position to support the making of the video.

Full disclosure, I produced this short informational program.  I pass along this information because this gives knowledge to lung cancer patients and their caregivers and anything that can do that, gives patients and their loved ones the power to stay in control over their cancer.  It also plants a seed of hope that this clinic can help and as we all know hope is critical in a cancer battle.

But it is with open arms and a huge “Thank you” to this couple that I write this tonight.  It is a special gift to all those who need it.

It so many ways, it is a gift of life.


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