Who will listen?

Cancer is a lonely companion.

Some cancer victims keep their disease a deep secret.  They carry it in their liver, or pancreas, or breast or colon, but they don’t share what it’s doing to them with family or friends.  They keep their fears and their thoughts to themselves.

They say they’re afraid to share their experience in cancer world with others, because everyone has something and why pass along another burden to a family member or friend?

“Who will listen?” said a friend who was battling breast cancer.  So she talked to her doctors, but very few others.

Carrying the burden of cancer’s weight on one set of shoulders just shouldn’t be allowed.  Whatever it takes, it’s our job to reach out and UNburden  our cancer patient. Sasha taught us years ago that “lifting” is one of the special keys that unlocks the pressure valves in cancer world.

We lift in many ways.

The care giver provides loving care and concern and advocates for their patient.  That’s ne of the highest forms of lifting.  Folded inside that care is listening to unburden our loved ones of their fears that come with the words “You have cancer.”

The patient needs some one with big shoulders and a bigger heart: two body parts required to fill the role of listener in this cancer community.

“Who will listen?”

Simplest of answers, “I WILL LISTEN.”



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