Is it time to stop wondering?

She’s a mover.  I mean she walks with a kick in her step and a smile on her face. The beach breezes try to keep pace with her stride for stride.  Good luck!!

Ten years ago she heard the words “You have cancer.”  It was breast cancer and the doctor’s said it was a stage 3 and they warned her she was in for a hard road.  She told them she didn’t want to know every detail of her treatment and she didn’t want to know the finer points of her disease either, she just wanted to start getting better.

So away she went…chemotherapy and surgery.  She lost her hair, she remembers she looked pretty frail and yet she just pushed ahead.  She will always remember the day when she reached up to scratch her head and a clump of hair fell out of her head.  She was alarmed and upset and then reclaimed her calm and decided it was time to cut her hair.

That’s the way she went about dealing with her cancer.

That was TEN years ago and today she is a beach walker and a liver and a doer.

She never really wanted to know much about her disease.  She just wanted to get better and live.

To this day, she really doesn’t wonder “if” there will come a time when she’ll have to face the beast again.  She’ll worry about it “if” it happens.

Until then, there’s beach’s to walk.

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