When the 4th isn’t for celebrating…

Holidays change when death dates overlap them on the calendar.

I have a good friend who is not looking forward to the 4th of July holiday this year because it is the second anniversary of her husband’s death from kidney cancer.

It’s safe to say, they probably celebrated the Fourth the same way many of us did, before cancer: a backyard gathering, maybe an American flag flying in the yard, maybe a baseball game, but that certainly isn’t what comes to mind now.

Cancer took that holiday away.  It took many other days on the calendar away too, but on a day when a lot of folks celebrate together, it’s tough to be a part of the crowd when the heart hurts.

So, with that said, I wish us all a safe and Happy Fourth of July.

I’m also thinking of those who can’t quite get into the celebratory mood for good reasons.  To all of you, I wish a peaceful weekend of remembering the days when the 4th was a happier time.

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