Talking to the trees….

It came like the wind: in fact, it was the wind, swift, violent and fierce.  The weather folks will find a name for it in the next few days, but here on my street we just call it one of the scariest nights on record.

My beautiful trees withstood most of it.  They dug deep into the soil and held on as this sudden burst of energy exploded around them  It was over quickly but such damage.  Under a 40 foot tree limb my mangled AC unit quit on impact.  I managed to clear the debris only to find a smashed and twisted machine only two days shy of its first birthday!!!  It was such a good air conditioner too!!!

There’s branches and leaves and sticks and stuff everywhere.  Power was out, then it was on, then it was out and for most of the day it’s been on.   I appreciate the lights, but I can’t wait for my new AC unit to arrive.   I will really appreciate the cooler, less humid air.

This whole experience takes me back to Hurricane Andrew.  Leroy and I lived that storm, covered that storm and had no power, much less air conditioning for over two weeks.  We ate a lot of tuna, drank a lot of water from an ice chest that kept it cool after the ice melted and we took many cold showers that felt great in the hot Miami days that followed that mess.

So tonight…it’s tuna on the menu along with memories of a different storm.  We managed without the AC and I will too.  There’s a neighbor down the tree who doesn’t have a house any more because one of his trees just couldn’t hold on and tumbled, only to land squarely across his roof.  The house is in shambles and he’s in a hotel.

The storm clouds are gathering again tonight and I hear the rumble of thunder.

Time to go outside and talk to the trees!


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