The power of healing

How do we heal?

If we fall and scrape our knee, our body goes to work and before we know it, we have a scab and the healing process runs its course.

It’s not so easy with cancer.  Treatment is far from the Band-Aid and Neosporin in the medicine cabinet.

Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Clinical Trials; there are so many forms of cancer treatment and none of them are easy.  If the treatment is matched well to the cancer, good things happen.  The cancer dies.  It retreats to places unknown, sometimes to return and cause problems another day and sometimes not.

How does our mind play a role in healing from cancer?

Can we persuade the cancer to turn and run just by thinking it away?  The power of the mind has been researched for years and some experts believe strongly that the mind has the power to override cancer’s considerable presence.

In this house, we used the “think positive” approach and most of the time it made for a better day, but facing a metastatic diagnosis tends to creep into the minds crawl spaces when you least expect it.  It’s hard to hold on to that healing feeling when scans or test results reveal the disease marching forward and there isn’t a powerful thought that can stop it.

Maybe the positive healing idea is meant to lift us until reality hits home.

When hope shifts from the hope of healing to the hope of a pain-free, peaceful death….and then a different power of healing takes over for those left behind.


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